Best mockups for pattern designers-part 1

Hi everyone!

Today I want to share with you why I think using mockups is a great way to help your business grow and why I think they are a great asset to have in your design library. I'll also share my personal favourite mockup shop today and in a second follow-up post I will also share other suggestions if you're looking for good deals and freebies!

I think mockups are so much more than just a way to show a client how the pattern or illustration will look in the final product. They are also great for other very important things: 
  • They are a great way to see if your design will actually work on a product. Nowadays, mockups are so realistic and pretty cool, so when you put your design on a wall or a dress, you can actually see how it would look like on that product. That means you can troubleshoot any issues of scale, you can check if colours are working and see if the design actually works for that product.
  •  You can also see if you would actually buy it! And why would it be important that you'd actually want to buy your own design? Because that's how you bridge the gap between your taste level and your skills. I like to use this as a compass pointing me in the direction of what I should improve in my work, since we usually start out with our taste levels way above our skills and it can take a really long time to bridge that gap, so if you're always paying attention to what you like or don't like, you'll start going towards the direction of your own unique personal style, which will be formed by all of the things you like put together.
  • Finally, you can use it on social media to show off how great your work looks in products on instagram or pinterest. It helps build your confidence and other people's confidence in your work. They say visualisation is so important, that if you can see it, then you can make it come true. Once I started using mockups and seeing my work come to life in those images, it helped me feel more confident and believe that I could do it. It also helped clients visualize my work in products and also believe that they would look great!
The reason I am sharing all of this with you is because I know how it feels to be  starting out as a pattern designer. We often struggle with confidence, with finding our own voice, attracting clients, finding our style and improving our skills. I think that using mockups can make you feel better, help you see the direction you should be going in and troubleshoot your work, plus help you find clients that also believe in your work! It's like sharing your vision!
So let's begin!
My absolute favourite mockup shop is by far Creatsy. They have two shops on Creative Market here and here, an active instagram and I have been buying mockups from them for years. I started out with a simple set here and there and once I realised how great they were, I started buying their bundles, which may seem pricey at first, but are actually a really great deal. I still use bundles I purchased 3 or more years ago, plus they keep updating the quality and improving the mockups. They're really one of the best out there! 
My personal favourites, which I own, are:
  • Little fashion Bundle: This is a bundle with 73 kids clothing mockups! They're perfect for pattern designers who design for the kids market and want to see their work on kids outfits. They are so adorable and so cute! They also sell each mockup individually. This is how I've used them:

  • Fabric Factory v6: This is a fabric bundle of 81 mockups! They're really great for pattern designers who want to display their work on fabric. Fabric is such a versatile way of showing off your patterns and make them look so pretty. There are mockups of bolt fabric, fabric tubes, hanging fabric... They are so pretty and very useful! They also sell each mockup individually. This is how I've used them:
  • Kids essentials: Another adorable bundle with 20 kids clothing mockups. Perfect for kids pattern designers who want to see their work in kids outfits. This set has additional clothing styles from the Little Fashion. They are both lovely and would depend on specific styles you're looking for. They also sell each mockup individually. This is how I've used them:
  • Cotton fabric mockup set: This set it simple but so useful! It is a great beginners mockup that you can use to showcase your patterns in a pretty and professional way. This is one of the first mockups I ever bought and quite honestly one of the mockups I most often use. You will see it all over my instagram feed!

  • Gift wrapping paper bundle: This bundle features gift wrapping paper in tubes and gifts, in various positions. These mockups are so elegant and make your design really stand out, truly gorgeous. They also sell each mockup individually. This is how I've used them:


These are some of the mockups I use on a daily basis and I'm definitely planning on continuing to expand my Creatsy collection. They have just released a lovely Stationery bundle and I'm keeping an eye out for the Little Fashion 2 bundle which they'll hopefully be launching soon.
If these are not within your budget stay tuned! I am preparing a part 2 for this post where I will share other websites that have very affordable mockups and some which offer freebies if you're starting out, or if you're a mockup addict like me :)
So stay tuned for my next post!
I'd love to hear which are your favourite mockup websites and resources! I'm always on the lookout for new mockups! 
As a disclaimer I am not being paid to share any of this. I am sharing this because I really want to help you find the best resources and these are the ones I have tried and recommend. I paid for everything with my own money and researched everything in my own time. Also would remind you that you can search for your own mockups and find the ones that work best for you, there are plenty out there!
I would also like to note that the links in this post are affiliate links, which means that I will get a small percentage of the sale if you purchase one of the items, at no added expense to you. It's a small way to support my work so that I can share more tips and recommendations with you. But you can be sure that this post and all other posts from me will always reflect my own opinions and recommendations. I've been recommending Creatsy mockups for years and I truly think they are a great resource for your collection.

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