Best mockups for pattern designers-part 2

Hi everyone!
This post is part two of my mockup recommendation series focusing on more affordable and free mockups. While I was writing this post I actually realised I have quite a lot to share, so there will probably be a part three to this series focusing on other affordable and free mockup recommendations! Yay! So if you're on a budget or just starting out, you will want to keep reading :)
The website I will be recommending today is called Freepik! I'm sure many of you have heard of you, but what some of you might not yet know is how many hidden gems you can find there.
How does Freepik work?
The Freepik website has a huge collection of images including raster images, vector files and layered PSD files. They have a collection of images that are "free" and premium images you can only download with a membership. The really cool part is that they have tons of free images available for you to download! How cool is that! The condition is that you give attribution, meaning that you link back to where you got the mockup. For more professional designers who are doing a lot of commercial art, that might not be something you want to do, which is why i usually prefer to buy the mockups and not have to give any attribution, like the ones I recommended by Creatsy on my last post. But if you're starting out or looking for a specific image you can't find somewhere else, you might be okay with this. Also because sometimes you might just want to use the mockup for personal use to check how a pattern looks on a certain product and troubleshoot scale or colour like I mentioned in my first mockup recommendation post. The downside of the free images is that you have to give attribution AND there is a limit of how many images you can download per day. If you're not registered you can download only 3 images per day and if you're a registered as a free user you can download up to 10 images per day.
But if you're anything like me, you'll want to download more than that and you won't want to remember attribution links. After researching what they had, I decided that I was going to get a paid membership. The best part is that if you do choose to get a paid membership, it is really affordable. It costs around 10 euros a month (I'm assuming around 10$ in the USA) and you can download so many images. The daily limit is 100 images which is a lot, even for me! I had the membership for about 2 or 3 months and I got so many nice images. It was a really great deal! The biggest downside to me was time! Sometimes you'll need to dedicate quite some time into finding what you're looking for and you might lose track of time doing that, but I know this will be very worthwhile for some of you.
At the time I was looking for images of interior decor, specifically to display wallpaper designs. As a reference, if you go to Creative market the average price for a set of 10 or 20 stock photos is somewhere around 15$ if not more. Although they do have lovely carefully styled images, if affordability is your priority right now and you have time, then at Freepik you can get a lot of stock images and pretty mockups for that price. 


I'd love to see all of the pretty things you create with these beautiful mockups, so feel free to tag me on instagram to show me. And if you find this useful please share with your friends! :) I'm planning a part three for this mockup recommendation series and I'm starting a procreate brush review series soon!

This is not an affiliate post and I'm not getting paid to recommend this to you. I just really wanted to share this resource with you because it was very helpful to me and I know some of you are on a budget and need all of the deals you can get! So this post is entirely based on my personal opinion and experience, and I hope you will find this helpful!

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