Creating beautiful product pictures using stock photography

Hi Everyone!

Today I want to share with you a really great resource I have recently discovered, a stock photo website called Kaboompics . It has a large variety of lovely styled pictures taken by the very talented photographer Karolina Grabowska @karolinakaboompics and they are totally free!

As you have probably already noticed, I use a lot of mockups in my work and I know that stock photography can really help us creatives who are not that talented with a camera to come up with pretty pictures to promote our work and our products. The images I'm featuring in this post are all from Karolina, which I used as a styled backdrop to place my own products on top. I also recommend Unsplash to find great styled stock photos.

I also wanted to share here a few tips on how to use these stock photos to make your own work and products stand out.

1) You'll first need good quality pictures of your own work, or good quality mockups. For that I recommend taking pictures over a white surface with a good phone or camera. Make sure you get the colours right and enough brightness so they look great for the next step.

2) Choose stock photos that match your brand style and colours. If you're brand is soft and romantic you might want to choose pictures that have pink tones or flowers. If you're brand is better represented by earthy tones, you'll want to stick with that. Think of the colours in your products and a setting that makes sense. A notebook would go well with office supplies on a desk. An art print will need a blank frame on a wall and a room that matches the theme of your artwork.

3) The hardest part in my opinion is to get the shadows right and match the lighting. You want to pay attention to the direction and type of shadow. Are they harsh with harder edges or are they soft and fading? You'll want to try to match that with either the natural shadow from your picture or by using the drop shadow tool on Photoshop.

4) The final step is to crop it to the size you need, overlay text if you'd like and use it on pinterest, instagram or your own mailing list!

I hope you found this post useful! :)
To all of you starting out with using stock photography I recommend that you check out her work and you might find some really pretty backdrops for your own work. And in case you're wondering, this is not a sponsored post and I was not asked to write any of this. It's my honest opinion and it's completely self motivated, since I know it can be pricey to buy nice stock photography and it can take very long to find free good ones. Hope you'll find something you like! 

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